At Martham Village Hall


Norman wishes to encourage people to be aware that they are spirit within a physical body and that their loved ones that have passed continue to exist. To this end he is promoting evenings of calirvoyance using the finest mediums that we have in the UK. Evenings are from 7.30pm to 9.30pm with an interval for complimentary refreshments. The evenings are chaired by medium Roger Colman. Please note that Mediums & dates are subject to change so it is advisable to reserve tickets in advance.

Diary for 2018



Sunday 25 March  Toftwood Spiritual Group

Sunday 1 March  Hopton SNU Church

Sunday 8 April   Freer Road Spiritual Group

Sunday 22 April  Lowestoft SNU Church

Sunday 13 May  North Walsham Spiritual Group

Sunday 3 June  Lowestoft BT Hall

Sunday 5 August  Hopton SNU Church

Sunday 12 August  Toftwood Spiritual Group

Sunday 26 August  North Walsham Spiritual Group

Sunday 9 September  Lowestoft SNU Church

Sunday 23 September Freer Road Spiritual Group

Monday 12 November Diss Pioneer Centre

Sunday 2 December  North Walsham Spiritual Church

Sunday 9 December  Hopton SNU Centre